//poster roast.

Im organising the first poster roast in cambridge. its exciting. i am definitely looking forward to it. here is the information. you should probably come along.

20th – 23rd February 2009
Friday 20th : open - 11am- 5pm / private view – 7pm-9pm
Saturday 21st : open – 11am – 5pm / talks 2pm onwards
Sunday 22nd : open 11am – 4pm / Gig 7.30pm – 10.30pm
Monday 23rd : open 11am – 5pm

Gig posters, although often overlooked, still play a huge role in the everyday promotion of music. They are now seen to be making resurgence as the antithesis of today's throwaway society. It is becoming increasingly more popular to make something of these one off pieces of design, with limited, hand numbered screen prints appealing to the collector nerds and obsessive fans who strive to seek something unique and original.
The first Poster Roast to be held in Cambridge aims to bring together some of the very best UK illustrators and designers in the realm of Gig Posters, it is being curated by local illustrator/designer Alex Curtis who runs Thr33 Designs from her house on Mill Road.
The artists exhibiting are Drew Millward, Chris White (3dglasses), Luke Drozd, Graham Pilling, Dan Reeves (fake french), Cameron Steward (twoducksdisco), Glyn Scrawled, and Alex Curtis (thr33designs).
The exhibition is to be held over 4 days at The Shop on Jesus Lane, a community art space which is becoming increasingly well known throughout Cambridge for providing a much needed and central arts venue. The exhibition opens on Friday 20th February and closes on Monday 23rd.
On Saturday 21st, from 2pm the artists Cameron Steward, Drew Millward and Chris White will be sharing experiences and talking about their work, giving a great insight into working as a freelance designer/illustrator. And on Sunday 22nd there will be a gig in the evening featuring bands that have their posters featured within in the exhibition.

drew millward
chris white
luke drozd
graham pilling
dan reeves
cameron steward
glyn scrawled

also the frontroom have started promoting my exhibition that i will be having there, starting at the end of march! im moving in at the beginning of march to basically draw all over the walls! more to come on that soon..
but here is a link to their blog where they talk about it and other things and stuff, they are good ones ------->


Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Sounds like a roadtrip to me! x

Sarah Reid said...

Hello Alex, this is Cameron Steward's girlfriend! I am very much looking forward to this weekend. :) x