//new website coming soon!

Hello there everyone..so its been absolutely ages since I posted on here! I have been dabbling in many things...first up thr33designs is now joining forces with 3dglasses to become WeThreeClub! our site is just being made at the moment but for now check out our holding page showing the various works we have done recently

Secondly we have just launched the Poster Roast website, check it out here. We have a the next poster roast lined up to be on August 8th in London town...make a note of it in your diary! More information on that will be put up soon on the site..

And finally I have just launched my own invitation design company Dear So and So..please please spread the word! You have a look at the site by clicking here..


//DIY cover

Here is the cover I have completed for the DIY times that i talked about previously..interview to come...



Duxford Imperial War Museum asked me to design a quiz sheet for each hanger at their museum, for children to print off at home and be able to do whilst they walk around..this is the result of the first one for the american hanger!


//DIY times

The lovely folk over at Get A Grip are starting up a new tasty zine, I was asked to be the featured artist in their first issue..so that will be fun!



Myself and the lovely Mr Christopher White are in the process of combining our work into one pot and recently we did a couple of designs for Atticus, they will be out sometime near the end of this year, as part of the 'artists collection'. Here is my design:


//its been a while.

Happy new year everyone! Its been a while since i posted anything up..ive been working on a few things that will soon come to light..this includes a new website! which is definitely needed..so for now here is a little cd cover i have been working on! hope you like it..


//Logo a go go

So i have been working on a couple of logos recently, here they are: (soon i will unleash more art onto your eyes, but for now this is all, fairwell)