//some new bits and things.

hello there. so i have done a few little things that i will post with this little post. a new chillerton t-shirt design which was done for the fest 7 in gainesville florida, and then a little poster for a gig in cambridge. i hope you like them.

in more news i am organising a poster roast in cambridge in february..more on that soon..also in january i will be setting up camp in the frontroom of the district..they are letting me basically doodle all over the walls, windows, floor, doors for a month, then it will be shown to the public for a month after that! exciting..more on that to come soon too im sure..

so yes enjoy the pictures and things..words are always nice..thank you.x

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ArthurCRS said...

Nice poster - I have nicked it so I can do a bit of promo. Can has? What's a poster roast?