well i thought i should actually write something..a proper update..

so i have just completed a bunch of work..most can be seen below..the mono effects album is shortly going to print..which is exciting! i am also completing the kimaira album artwork soon..so that should be up for everyones eyes to have a look at..im working on a poster for a ghost mice show in london, which is great, as they are ace, and im looking forward to drawing out a bunch of mice!!

ive just applied for a studio in cambridge, at the cambridge artworks, which is a co-op run building full of studios to rent for cheap...i have to wait and see if they want me, before i know if im moving there, but i hope i get one! i think it will really benefit my work..im going to go on a screen printing frenzy if i get the space, and they have a kiln there!! which means i can fire stuff and do more prosthetic makeup work..

in terms of makeup i have just finished working on a film with children from a school in norwich..making them look like they are from the 40's..it was tiring but great fun! some of the locations and costumes we found were so lovely..i also worked on another foals music video last week..it was for the single olympic airways..and i am actually in the video, which i am kind of regretting now, as i was up at 5am that morning!! clearly in no state to be filmed..but nevermind! it should be amusing..i had to body paint them, and all the designs i had worked on were then changed last minute..so it was pretty improvised! non the less it all came together..i should have some photos to put up soon!

anyway thanks everyone for watching..curtis.x

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